India Runway Week Kickstarts today bringing Weavers at the center stage

India Runway season 8 is here and it is going to be a treat for all fashion lovers from 28th-30th April.  As always, the fashion event is bringing some fresh talents on the surface and it is providing an excellent platform to the creative weavers.

India has a rich history of hand woven textiles and hence the weavers can be termed as the lifeline of this rich earthy fashion heritage.

Unfortunately for the fashion fraternity of the country, these weavers have fallen prey to a staunch hierarchy and they never get recognized for the true art of weaving that they have protected and nurtured for all these years. India Runway Week is one such platform that breaks the shackles and sets the true talent free with a platform to showcase their talent.

With increased demand of handwoven fabric in the fashion design industry and with the idea of breathable fabric,  it has become really important for renowned platforms like IRW to provide them with the suitable exhibition space.

Hence, the Runaway Week is going to witness, new weavers, along with the existing participating members.

As per the official release,

Indian Federation for fashion Development have joined hand with four of these organizations i.e Rangsutra, SoCHE, Banka Silk and Gestures by Kriti who will present the work of artisans at current season of India Runway Week Summer 2017 ramp which is starting from 28th of April to 30th of April 2017.

“The purpose of this show is to raise the current conditions of the weavers and to propose the importance of such organizations and social security to the custodians of this ageless art.” Said by Fashion director, Kiran Kheva, India Runway Week.

Rangsutra is a craft company of thousand artisans from remote regions of India – the desert regions of Rajasthan and plains of Eastern Uttar Pradesh whereas SoCHE is reviving this languishing and less popular hand embroidery practiced by women around the border areas of Barmer. Banka Silk on other hand is imparting the required skills to the weaver’s community of Banka, connecting them with the markets and helps create an Eco-system wherein the weaver’s community can become self-sustainable. And lastly Gestures by Kriti is a livelihood support and outreach initiative that began in 1999, to promote ethical, sustainable and socially conscious thinking & buying of ‘community made’ products.


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