This Summer Introduce Your Skin to Some Natural Faceshop Pampering


Its summer time already and before you know it, the sun has started to steal away the glow and radiance from you. It is the time to look for the best hydrating, tonning and moisturizing options for your skin, so that it is alive, healthy and ready to take the summer heat.

Apart from drinking tons of water, choosing healthy drinks over the synthetic ones and eating healthy, you also need to follow a perfect skin care regime. Its time that you pick summer friendly skin care options for yourself and here’s a little guide to our recent favorite.

The closer we are to nature, the healthier we feel. As the seasons change, our beauty and health requirements also change. Therefore wellness experts always recommend that the easiest way to have a healthy, happy and radiant skin is to have an alignment with nature. Using the products which are designed in harmony with the freshness of herbs is the secret to lasting impressions of beauty and wellness.


Faceshop is one such beauty and wellness brand that understands the concept of natural ingredients in creating skin care and beauty products. Their products include cleansers, serum, tonics, creams and lotions, masks, makeup remover, peelings and scrubs or even targeted care, choices abound. Hence, no matter if you are planning to pick healthy skincare products for a daily routine or you want to address specific problems of your skin, such as acne, oily skin, pigmentation, patches, dryness, dullness or more.

We are delighted to explore the #KBeautySecrets range from #TheFaceshopIndia.

No matter if you treat routine needs of your skin or specific challenges that your skin is facing, you simply go ahead and choose the suitable products. Since the products are herbal and made out of healthy ingredients, you simply do not have to worry about any undesirable side effects.

Here is a sneak peek to some of the interesting products the brand has in its skin care range:

Skin Care Masks:

Faceshop’s skincare masks come in the interesting one-time-use packaging. You just open the neatly packed mask, apply them and let it work on your skin. The mask is weightless and helps your skin feel softer, brighter and rejuvenated.



The serums for healthy skin are made with naturally rich and healthy ingredients such as white seeds. It helps to lock the moisture in your skin and brightens it for a healthier look.


Skin specific products

The brand has specific products for specific skin type and skin problems. They address the particular skin challenges with suitable natural ingredients.

If you are fond of natural ingredients to treat your beauty and wellness needs, you can consider the product range offered by Faceshop. And, the results will not disappoint you at all.

Faceshop has more than 600 natural ingredients in its wide range of skin care products. The brand has various other beauty and makeup products available to meet your vanity needs. Check their official website here: website link to be put here.

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