10 Signs You Are in An Abusive Relationship

There’s a famous saying ‘Love is not complicated, People Are!’  AND this could be the most suitable way to define the term ‘Relationship’.

Relationships are tricky, they are challenging. It is not simple to understand the bond that two people share. It surely starts with love, but over the time, what it turns into, is really difficult to anticipate. However, what a relationship turns into, with time, is the result of energy, efforts and feeling put into it by the two people involved in it.

If it is nurtured well, a healthy bond is created that resonates with joy. But, some relationships do not meet the bright fate and hence end up to be abusive enough to make the people involved in it suffocate. Are you, by any chance, in one such abusive relationship? Here’s the checklist, give it a thorough thought!

You are being controlled

What you say, what you think and how you behave, everything needs a nod from your partner. You look forward for your partner’s approval before attempting any behavioral action. If yes, then its not a good news!

You have become the saddest version of yourself

You don’t feel happy. You are sad, most of the time. You don’t find happiness in routine things. It feels that you are carrying the load of the entire world on your shoulders. You know you could be happier but you just cannot. Something is holding you back…what is it?


You are explaining yourself a lot

It is okay to express yourself, it is better to clarify things and clear misunderstandings. But are you explaining way too much? Are you under constant pressure to prove your every move to your partner? If yes, then better look out, you are on the wrong path already!


You are afraid to express yourself

Yes, that’s confusing. You explain yourself a lot, A LOT and still you are not able to express yourself. Or may be the other party is just not willing to make the effort to understand you.


Your partner is the only person you talk to

Being deeply & madly in love is good, but there should be a social life beyond your partner. If you have a situation, where the only person you talk to, is your partner and that situation is permanent, then you are in trouble, definitely!


You are physically abused

No matter how much you love someone, no one has the right to abuse you, physically. If you have allowed someone to cross the lines, which should not have been crossed, then its high time that you take a U-turn.


Beware! If you are allowing someone to physically abuse you, there are chances of you turning into a sadist, who seeks pleasure in the pain. Don’t be that person! You are worth much more. Life is beautiful, don’t ruin it.

Only one person gets to speak in discussions and that’s not you

Healthy relationships are built with partnership. Both the individuals should treat each other equally. Respect for each other and equality are the basic components of a positive relationship. If you are in a situation, where discussions mean your partner talking and you listening, it isn’t really a good sign.


You feel dependent and hurt, all the time

He/She hurts you and you go to him/her for cure. There is a vicious circle around you, which has no way out. Do you feel emotionally dependent on your partner for everything, all the time? You better watchout!


You have turned quite good at pretending

For some reason, you feel this responsibility to let your partner and the world know that you are so lucky to be in this relationship and you are doing fine. Pretensions are not the right ingredient to lead a healthy relationship.


You are too afraid to break-up

Despite of all the signs mentioned above, are you still afraid to break up? Have you become too emotionally dependent on your partner that you are leading a worthless life and suffering for no reason? If yes, then it is definitely an abusive relationship.


You are on the wrong path, dear friend. Life is much more than this. Life is beautiful. Just break the shackles and come out, start living. You deserve happiness and healthy relationships in every possible form. Ask for help, just take that step. No one is worthy enough to suffer for!

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